Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Mower cutting grass

Lawn Care Tips

Maintaining a healthy, manicured lawn is no easy task but the rewards you’ll receive are more than worth all your hard work. Here at Gamble’s Sales & Service, we share in your passion for lawn care, which is why we’ve gathered some helpful lawn care tips for you below. This information will help you learn more about the proper practices for watering your lawn, taming those pesky weeds, and managing pests and insects. If you’d like to learn more or you’re interested in checking out our inventory, stop by our dealership today! We’re located near Clark County, OH, just outside of Dayton and Columbus.

Watering the Lawn

You should get in the habit of spreading an inch of compost across your lawn and watering it during the fall season. As a general rule of thumb, most lawns require approximately one inch of water a week to thrive. You can prevent disease by watering your lawn in the morning. Remember to aerate your lawn every few years not only to eliminate thatch but also so air, water, and nutrients can penetrate as deeply as possible into the root zone. If you’d like to achieve a healthy lawn with deep roots, you can lengthen your watering sessions but remember to perform them less often. Once you’re done watering, use a garden trowel to check the soil moisture and if it’s not wet around 4 to 6 inches down, you should keep watering.

Taming Weeds

The best way to tame weeds in your lawn is to get them under control while they’re still young. Once the weed starts producing seeds, it’s more difficult to handle. While weed control is certainly necessary, there’s no reason to let them upset you too much. Remember that almost every lawn has weeds at some point. In order to control the number of weed seeds in your lawn, you’ll need to keep your weed situation as a whole under control. A good place to start is by paying close attention to dandelions. If you constantly remove their flowers and leaves, you’ll prevent seeds from spreading throughout the yard. When you use this method, you’ll starve the taproot and that’ll end up killing the weed.

Pests and Insects

We know that bugs can be annoying but it’s important to note that less than 2% of insects you find in your lawn are actually classified as pests. In fact, many of the insects in your lawn are actually beneficial to its health, like earthworms. These creatures are drawn to your lawn and its mulch clippings, which breaks down the thatch, aerates the soil, and reduces compaction. Reduced compaction is essential for your lawn to flourish and stay healthy.

You’re officially a lawn care pro! If you have additional questions or need to invest in some new equipment, visit us at Gamble’s Sales & Service today! We’re conveniently located near Clark County, OH, just outside of Dayton and Columbus.

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